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Industrial Real Time DBMS

Industrial Real Time DBMS

Industrial Real-time DBMS SIAD/SQL 6

The TRACE MODE® 6 and T-FACTORY.exe® 6 data logging system is especially designed for real time, non-stop operation. TRACE MODE includes original high-speed industrial real time DBMS SIAD/SQL 6.

The SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS is optimized for fast saving and reading of intensive data flows in 24x7 mode. It can save over one billion parameters with time labels accuracy of up to 1 ms. In order to provide reliability of data storage the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS, provides hot redundancy (dual or triple) for servers, and the automatic data recovery system for corrupted archives.

The main features of the SIAD/SQL 6 industrial real time DBMS are as follows:

  • real time data logging on hard disk and replaceable media with record speed;
  • high speed data readout and sampling;
  • real time dynamic optimization of registered information content, and data subdivision by volumes;
  • hot redundancy feature for servers;
  • post-failure automatic recovery of data;
  • statistical processing of data logged;
  • human-machine interface; 
  • separate logging of data groups (for example, quickly changing parameters and aggregate indices);
  • real time logging control;
  • data import/export from SIAD/SQL 6 to any relational DBMS supporting SQL-queries;
  • advanced debugging tools and SQL-queries builder;
  • full integration with TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI and T-Factory EAM/MES/HRM.

According to the extreme testing results carried out on Pentium-IV, 3 GHz PC PC with 1 GB RAM, the real time DBMS server operating under the SIAD/SQL 6 has shown an error-free recording of over 1.000.000 changes of analogue parameters per second. Such speed is 10-100 times higher that the speed of the most competing products (the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS speed tests were performed on the PC with 2 hard disks with Serial ATA interface, integrated into RAID-0 (Stripe) array).

The SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS server performs dynamic optimization of the information recorded, which reduces archive volume up to 10 times

The data logging is performed simultaneously into 3 files of the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS. Another log is reserved for system’s needs. Due to the flexible logged parameters setup system, it is possible to save at the highest speed the history of "fast" process parameters into one file of the real time DBMS for, for example,  day/week, and use another file for "slow" summary data logging about workshop production for one year.

Such logs subdivision into "fast" and "slow" would save much system resources, as compared against the "one parameter – one table – one file" method, which is frequently used in other SCADA/HMI. In combination with high speed data saving, which is 10-100 times higher than the speed of "heavy" relational DBMS, the SIAD/SQL 6 provides maximum efficiency and reliability of process history recording.

The SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS files can be saved not only on the hard disk, but on replaceable media too, e.g. on DVD-RAM. For the time required to change the replaceable media, the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS server would suspend recording. However, no data will be lost! During the replace time the data would be temporarily saved in special buffer in the server RAM, and then rewritten onto the new carrier. The same buffer in the RAM prevents the system against failures, caused by lack of the disk space and ensures safe backup copying of the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS files. Therefore, the problems of peak HDD loads during storing of the history of fast transition processes are solved by simple RAM increase on the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS server.

For safety critical control systems and for corporate informational business-systems, the dual and triple redundant versions of real time monitors and archive servers of the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS are provided. All, dual and triple redundant servers save the synchronized real time data to separate files. In case of the server failure, the standby one would continue saving the information, and would automatically synchronize the logs after server recovery. Thus, the integrity of every archive file of the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS is continuously maintained.

The SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS provides saving of current values into the dump file. At system reload the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS server reads the current channels values from the dump file. This ensures smooth control system restart and avoids inclusion of superfluous data records into the SIAD/SQL 6 history log. This feature may be also of interest for automation systems of discrete manufacturing, which are switched off periodically.

The TRACE MODE 6 Real-time monitor and archive server of can not only fill SIAD/SQL 6 database with real time data, but they can also perform statistical processing of the stored information in real time for statistical process control (SPC). The results will be displayed on the HMI screens.

Values of any parameters, or data samples for the specified time interval can be retrieved in real time, from the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS, which enables user to write any algorithms for processing of archived data, with the standard TRACE MODE 6 and T-Factory 6 programming languages, e.g. Techno ST or Techno FBD. Furthermore, for displaying of a table of two-hour summary of the main technological parameters on the HMI screen, no programming would be required.

Availability in TRACE MODE of a built-in SQL-queries editor allows to use SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS as an informational gateway between third party HMI and corporate relational DBMS. For example, one can receive data from external HMI via OPC interface, implement fast data saving to the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS, to perform statistical data processing, transmit the data in real time, to a corporate database via ODBC, and by the end of the shift time to form a shift report table.

Thus, the TRACE MODE® enables easy interaction between various HMI applications, industrial controlers and enterprise databases. At that, the data would not simply be transmitted, but it would be subject to preliminary processing, thus reducing the load on the corporate DBMS.

If desired, the user may decide not to use the SIAD/SQL 6 at all. In that case he may set up the real time data transmission from TRACE MODE to an external DBMS or to any other HMI software directly, and perform data processing directly in the same. Such approach is justified for systems with low data flows, where the SIAD/SQL 6 high performance is not required.

The SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS lays the basis for information systems of industrial enterprise. It is a powerful high performance database management system for storing of large amounts of industrial information in real time and for fast and flexible data processing. 

Integration of SIAD/SQL real time DBMS with relational DBMS



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