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Web access

Web access

Web-based Access to Control Systems

TRACE MODE SCADA software provides remote web based access to real-time information using web-browser via Internet/Intranet or wireless networks (GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). The screen graphics may be animated, may contain trends and an alarm report line.

The Web-based access to the control systems is provided by the TRACE MODE Data Center.

The TRACE MODE Data Center is a special web server providing web-gateway capability for the local control systems. The software receives real-time data from the TRACE MODE servers (RTM on PC) via I-NET (TCP/IP) protocol and offers web access to these data via browser. For sequrity reason the password protection is used. The software can simultaneously exchange data with several servers of the local TRACE MODE control systems running various application projects.

TRACE MODE Data Center offers the following features:

  • HMI for web users, including control functions (Web SCADA);
  • web access to HTML reports generated by TRACE MODE Documentation Server or DocRTM+ (not included in Data Center) with intuitive, hierarchical view;
  • management of remote users' access to reports.

Web-server TRACE MODE Data CenterNote! TRACE MODE Data Center requires a separate PC (it may not operate non the same PC with RTM).

The TRACE MODE Data Center may be used for the following purposes:

  • in the large enterprises to consolidate their information from the various control systems and provide web based and wireless access to this information from any PC in their corporate LAN;
  • management companies to monitor production in different regions across the country or even the world;
  • mobile employees to have web access to process information – they include engineers, chief engineers, and plant management;
  • better management of remote facilities , such as boilers, central heat points, engineering infrastructure facilities, control systems of private houses and buildings.

The TRACE MODE Data Center can help our customers use any PC in their LAN to retrieve information on the plant process (Web SCADA feature). Moreover, the information is provided not only in symbolic circuits and trends, but also in customisable report documents, specific to each user of the system.

The following training video shows how to develop and run a web-based HMI application in TRACE MODE IDE.

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