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Security System

Security System

Control System Security

The TRACE MODE 6 and T-FACTORY 6 SOFTLOGIC-SCADA/HMI-MES-EAM-HRM integrated software employ powerful security system  providing maximum protection for the operating control system both from the unauthorized access and from the human errors.

The TRACE MODE security system is based on passwords. Arbitrary user groups may be created in the development system. The amount of groups is not limited. Each group may content unlimited number of control system users.

Each user – HMI operator, process engineer, shop manager, or factory top managers – possess of personal access profile to the control system components – graphic screens, control devices etc. The security system checks user login and password upon control system loading and grants him access to the control system components defined in his personal security profile only. If no password is input, the security system would interrupt the program start.

In case if automatic reload is required the TRACE MODE application may have a default user status having minimal access rights.

The TRACE MODE security system requests the password on user exit too.

The TRACE MODE security system supports the online user relogin. So the user may be changed without stopping the control system. For example, if an HMI PC is loaded with operator rights, so in order to do the process engineer work on this PC (PID loop tuning) the operator should logout and the engineer should relogin in the control system by entering his password. After the work is done he should log out of the control system and the operator should login anew. All this time the control system will operate in normal mode. The user rights may also be changed remotely through network by the security system administrator.

The TRACE MODE security system enables administrator to edit the user access list in real time, to add or to remove users without stopping the control system.

The access history is logged by the TRACE MODE security system in the alarm report, thus enabling the security staff to see the sequence of events and the operator actions.

In case if the TRACE MODE or T-FACTORY server is connected to Internet, the project file protection, containing commercial information, may be required. For that purpose additional security may be provided by ordering a personal TRACE MODE 6 key line, incompatible with conventional keys by project file format.


Current TRACE MODE release 6.10.2. Upgrade now for free!