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Report Generator

Report Generator

Real Time Document Generator

The TRACE MODE® and T-FACTORY.exe® programs include several types of document generators for real time report generation in a continuous automatic mode. The TRACE MODE document generators  can generate, in real time, virtually any types of documents required for operation of the SCADA/HMI, control system, MES and EAM systems, e.g..: reports, dispatcher records, work and production orders, references, notifications, plans, etc.

Templates of these documents are created in a user-friendly visual editor in the TRACE MODE Integrated development environment. The Document generator editor provides text formatting, lists and tables processing, inserting bitmaps, trends, bar and pie charts.

The Document generator templates editor ensures flexible setup of the trends and bars settings, e.g. it helps to preset curves style, background color, grid lines scales for Х and Y axes, page headers and legend.

Individual name is automatically given to each document by the document generator. The name is added to the table of contents. The document generator builds the text of the documents dynamically. Current and historical values of any arguments of the TRACE MODE channels, the results of SQL-queries to external DBMS and OPC exchange data can be inserted into reports.

Document templates call and document generation conditions are programmed in a standard manner in the TRACE MODE Integrated development environment using the IEC 6-1131/3 standard languages.
The document templates processing and real time report generation is provided by the TRACE MODE documentation servers. The document generator is included in 2 types of documentation servers:

For detailed description of features and application fields for each TRACE MODE document generator, see Runtime modules section.

Report sample generated by TRACE MODE 6 (DocRTM+) documentation server 


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