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Real Time Monitor

Real Time Monitor

Real Time Monitor

Real Time Monitor (RTM) is the main TRACE MODE® 6 SCADA/HMI runtime. It includes real time server and graphical client. The product can be used both in local and remote process control.

The RTM may be used as a stand alone HMI, or as a server node in a distributed control system. A number of RTM modifications are available with various options, providing different control solutions. A standard RTM is a classic HMI application, whose main features include:

  • data acquisition from I/O devices via built-in and user TRACE MODE drivers, DDE and OPC;
  • primary data processing - filtration, scaling, boundaries control, dead band etc.;
  • process control with the IEC 6-1131/3 standard programs;
  • HMI visualization of information on screens and trends;
  • alarming;
  • HMI-information provision through TCP/IP network to TRACE MODE clients and servers;

The RTM features powerful graphics:

  • photorealistic 3D graphics;
  • multiwindow interface; 
  • support of layers;
  • support of object transparency and superimposition of textures;
  • 3D FAST+ technology, which accelerates real time loading of graphical screens;
  • dynamisation of any graphical object;
  • zooming of screens;
  • animation;
  • real time trends;
  • historical trends of unlimited depth;
  • events windows;

An unlimited number of I/O devices can be connected to RTM, using all available software and hardware interfaces. Free drivers for 2812 I/O devices are supplied along with TRACE MODE real time monitor. Among them: industrial programmable controllers, I/O cards, DCS modules, intelligent sensors, drives, etc.

The RTM has open driver format, which allows users to write their own drivers for I/O devices using ‘C’ language. Exchange with I/O device can also be implemented directly in the TRACE MODE ST-program (without driver). Thus the driver development may be done in the TRACE MODE Integrated Development Environment.

All RTM modifications support modem for communication via dialup phone lines.

Besides the standard RTM, the Real Time Monitor versions with automatic hot redundancy, adaptive PID-loop self tuning, built-in documentation server, OPC-server, SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS server, GSM server and so on are also available.

License policy: RTM 6 is licensed for 1 PC with different number of channels. Versions for 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 32000, 64000 channels are available.


Current TRACE MODE release 6.10.2. Upgrade now for free!