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Alarming and Events

HMI Alarming and Events


HMI alarm report TRACE MODE 6TRACE MODE has a powerful alarming system, provided by alarm servers. The alarm servers are built-in the most TRACE MODE and T-Factory server products such as Real time monitors, Loggers etc.

The HMI alarms server saves text information about events occurred in the monitored process. Each message may have different statuses:

  • alarm;
  • warning;
  • system message;
  • user message;
  • error;
  • command; HMI alarm report TRACE MODE 6
  • etc.

The alarming system may generate and write down to alarm report an alarm message after occurrence of any king of events – change of a discrete signal, entering of the monitored value into the fixed interval, any alteration in analogue signal so on.

The text message attributed to the event is flexibly defined by the user. Beside the user messages, the HMI alarming system logs into the alarm report such events as: users login/logout, startup and shutdown of the real time monitor.

The alarming system may display messages on the HMI screen, print them out, save them in a file. Moreover the TRACE MODE HMI alarming system ensures alarm message sending from HMI PC (or from PLC) in form of SMS to the operator mobile phone.

Alarming covers events of any kind, including those calculated and generated on the basis of statistical data processing of real time values, or of the data stored in the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS. Each message can be acknowledged by the operator with registering of acknowledgement time and operator’s name.  


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