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SCADA HMI TRACE MODE Supports BACnet Protocol


The fourth release of SCADA TRACE MODE 6 includes support for the BACnet/IP protocol widely used in building automation and hi-tech house systems.

Currently, the BACnet protocol is supported by a number of industry-leading building automation hardware manufacturers, including such brands as YORK, Siemens, Honeywell, etc.

SCADA TRACE MODE 6 system has a proven track record of building automation implementations offering a robust and reliable tool for designing, monitoring, dispatch, energy and home subsystem control functionality. The BACnet support means that TRACE MODE users has now more flexibility in developing new powerful building automation solutions.

YORK with TRACE MODE 6 SCADA software demo

A TRACE MODE 6 project featuring connection of YORK TDC9E to SCADA TRACE MODE 6 using the BACnet/IP is available for free download at the SUPPORT section of, both in professional and basic software versions.

The free SCADA TRACE MODE 6 drivers library covers 2586 I/O and PLC devices of different manufacturers.

A New Free Driver for OMRON Sysmac PLC

omron plc

AdAstra Research Group (Moscow, Russia) has released a new version of the free TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI driver for the OMRON programmable logical controller. The new driver is built in the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI 6.09 release and above.

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI logoAlthough the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software had drivers that enable data exchange with OMRON PLCs over network as well as via serial interface, the new driver operates over UDP and it is much faster, easier and more functional than the previous ones.

So, for example, the new TRACE MODE OMRON PLC driver has the following important features:

  • the new driver is multithreaded. It is possible to allocate up to three additional priority threads;
  • it offers quering the control group using CALL.ChGrReq channel;
  • in case of communication failure with the PLC, the new OMRON driver automatically switches to a special low-priority thread and also switches it back automatically as soon as the communication is restored;
  • no configuration file has to be manually created in order to configure an OMRON PLC from the TRACE MODE IDE 6.09;
  • the new driver allows setting timeouts for each device.

A more detailed description of the driver, as well as a video tutorial demonstrating the technology of OMRON PLCs connecting over the network via UDP using the free built-in driver, is given in the section located in the section "Free PLC and I/O drivers list" of site

The new OMRON driver can be tested in real time in the TRACE MODE free development system. The free TRACE MODE 6.09 development system is available for the free download.

The wide library of free controller drivers , IO'sc and meters, covering more than 2586 devices distinguishes TRACE MODE 6 from other SCADA/HMI softwares.

For more information please see a complete list of controllers and IO’s supported in TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI.

HART Driver for Micro TRACE MODE 6 to Connect HART Devices and WinCon 8000

AdAstrA Research Group, Ltd made available an external driver for Micro TRACE MODE 6 industrial controller programming system. This driver is designed to connect WinCon 8000 controller to sensors and flowmeters using a popular HART protocol.

HART Master driver connects WinCon 8000 controller running Micro TRACE MODE 6 to the HART-modems and MUX.

The HART communication driver is designed as a t11 driver. Each controller's COM port accommodates one HART-modem or one HART-MUX. The number Driver HART for Micro TRACE MODE and WinCon 8000of the connected sensors varies depending on the modem type.

The driver enables the operations below:

  • communicate with up to 16 HART-devices at 1 COM port at up to 1200 baud rate;
  • read currently measured values using the requested units;
  • read existing current values in mA;
  • read range percent;
  • receive HART-sensors data, such as serial number, sensor unit code, measurement range and minimum sensor interval;
  • read blocks of dynamic variables.

The driver combines all individual modem requests in a single batch, ensuring that several parameters from one group can be received in a single request. HART Driver in SCADA HMI TRACE MODE. WinCon 8000

The driver can be setup in an easy and intuitive TRACE MODE integrated development environment.

The new driver is available in the electronic form only, however it includes a Quick Start Guide and a HART driver setup sample for the WinCon 8000 controller.
HART flowmeters at Moscow Kristall Distillery. WinCon 8000 with Micro TRACE MODE 6.

Kristall factory in Moscow was one of the first facilities to deploy the HART driver for WinCon 8000. Previously, Micro TRACE MODE 6 for WinCon 8000 was shipped only with the integrated drivers for Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DCS, etc.


Intel Chooses TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI for Office Building Automation


Intel office building in Novgorod CityProtect Company (Nizhny Novgorod city, Russia) used the Russian SCADA/HMI software TRACE MODE 6 to develop a building automation system across Intel's office.

The total building area of 3,740 square meters is designed to accommodate about 190 employees. Intel's office boasts of the most advanced engineering infrastructure: power supply system (up to 2 MW of power!), and cooling station providing ventilation and air conditioning. The brand new building includes advanced server rooms, power supply stabilizing, leakage control, climate control, fire and security alarms, early smoke detection, fire-fighting system, etc.

The heart of Intel's automated building, TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI provides the following features:

  • automates power consumption logging and monitors power supply parameters, such as voltage, current, wattage or Intel building automation systemwaveform distortion factor;
  • automates status monitoring of the power entrance devices (on, off or pulled out);
  • automates status monitoring of the diesel generator;
  • automates status monitoring of uninterruptible power supply;
  • monitors status of the sewerage shutters;
  • monitors leakage;
  • monitors status of the fire retarding and smoke removal valves;
  • automates climate parameter;
  • monitoring across Intel's office, such as temperature and humidity;
  • automates monitoring of the heating pipes temperature;
  •  monitors emergency status of the precision conditioners monitors and controls cooling, ventilation and conditioning.

SCADA TRACE MODE in the Intel office automationThe new TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI based system in Intel's building provides an intelligent automation solution by controlling devices such as chillers, dry coolers, cooling station, pump frequency converters, exhaust fans, central conditioners, fancoils.

The system builds upon the hardware below:

  • Advantech input/output modules
  • Sauter and S+S Regeltechnik temperature/humidity converters;
  • Jola leakage sensors and relays;
  • SAT 4TM power meters;
  • York temperature, humidity, pressure sensors, control valve drives; cooling, ventilation and conditioning controllers
  • Schneider Electric frequency converters.

Within Intel's building automation system, the operator PC communicates with the controllers using the built-in SCADA/HMI TRACE MODE 6 drivers:

  • Advantech modules and SAT 4TM meters - using serial interface;
  • York hardware and Schneider Electric frequency converters - using Ethernet via BacNet IP. Intel office power supply control screen in TRACE MODE SCADA

Trace Mode 6 RTM+ runtime module aquires and processes real time data from controllers. This system also provides operator GUI in English, offering greater flexibility. Enabling end-to-end automation across Intel's building, the system provides the following information screens:

  1. Main screen containing buttons for navigation to additional screens and alarm report including emergency event information. The PC reports emergency events by a sound signal;
  2. Additional screens offering detailed information on cooling, ventilation and conditioning;
  3. Power supply screen providing data from SAT 4TM power meters, power entrance devices, uninterruptible power supply and diesel generator;
  4. Screens with the plans of each floor providing information from climate control sensors, status of fire retarding valves, sewerage shutters, control of precision conditioner emergency status.

Intel office air conditionning control in TRACE MODE HMI "By employing SCADA TRACE MODE 6 and its enhanced support of the hardware from various manufacturers, we have been able to provide a comprehensive automation solution for Intel's building," sais Pavel Kondratiev, senior engineer at the Protect Company. "The system is online now and ensures easy monitoring of engineering systems across the building."

The New 25 MW Gas-Engine Heat and Power Plant at Chukotka Running Under TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI logoBelelektromontazhnaladka company has successfully implemented a control system of the gas-engine heat and power plant in Anadyr city (Extreme Nord of Russia). The total power capacity of the gas-engine heat and power plant is 25 MW.

At the operator level of new control system, TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software is used, while Mitsubishi Electric controllers are used at the hardware level. The system controls the gas-engine heat and power plant and 25 kW substations in Anadyr. The new control system of the gas-engine heat and power plant combines the heat and power processes to enable control over power supply, ventilation, heating, domestic and hot water supply, water conditioning, heat recovery, fire safety and the fuel and lubricant warehouse.

The TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI based control system for the gas-engine heat and power plant ensures complete hardware and software redundancy, therefore increasing the system reliability in the event of emergency. The data are communicated to the control system via the fiber-optic channels connecting controllers and data collection servers. This improves communication speed between devices, while making the system more robust. Mitsubishi FXFor all controllers, the system provides a 20 ms acquisition cycle. Based on the calculation, a maximum acquisition cycle of 65 ms is expected. By connecting the controllers in a redundant ring, the system can easily maintain communication, even in the event of failure at one of the optical channel sites.

On the software level, the control system of the gas-engine heat and power plant is powered by SCADA TRACE MODE Double Force RTM+ redundant servers obtaining information from the controllers, classifying it within a database, and providing data storage and easy access capabilities. Using the OРС server, the SCADA TRACE MODE redundant servers collect data from both redundant controllers through the fiber-optic network and send them to the database.

In the control system of the gas-engine heat and power plant, the SCADA TRACE MODE servers offer the capabilities below:

  • communication with the system controllers;
  • collection and primary processing of the equipment status data;
  • diagnostics of the controller network and network communication speed between the controllers and server;
  • archiving information necessary to analyze activities of the operational staff and function of technology equipment for at least 7 days (archive can be extended up to 60 days);
  • real-time technical and economic performance calculation;
  • generating and printing emergency, start and daily logs;
  • networking capability, including local workstation connection. 

The data acquisition servers enable connection of the operators' workstations (AWS) powered by TRACE MODE RTM+ and TRACE MODE Netlink Light. The workstations can access the data archived at the servers. The software at the workstations provides access only to information requested by the given user.

The automated workstations running under SCADA TRACE MODE offer the features below:

  • visualization and control of the processes by providing the process equipment maps, where the control points and measured parameter values are indicated;
  • visualization of the process development and historical data trends;
  • processing alerts and events;
  • displaying warning/alarm/alert messages, and providing a path to eliminate emergency and unusual situations in the process.

The gas-engine heat and power plant was launched in 2006, and has generated 18,712 MW/h of electricity since then. Shortly, the new gas-engine heat and power plant will be able to deliver enough power to satisfy the needs of 15 thousand citizens of the local city. With migration to using natural gas as their main fuel, they will be able to also reduce environmental stress by eliminating harmful substances discharge into atmosphere due to coal use, decrease the cash cost of the electric and heat power, and improve power supply quality and reliability.

Currently, Belelektromontazhnaladka team is working to deploy a control system at Anadyrskiy power centre. This project aims to automate all substations within the town of Anadyr.

New free of charge drivers for TOSHIBA TOSVERT Added in TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI

New free of charge drivers for TOSHIBA TOSVERT series frequency converters are added to the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software and published at the AdAstra Web site for download:

via RS485/RS232C interfaces.

A frequency converter (inverter) is an integral part of the frequency regulated electric driver and is used for electric motor control. Modern frequency converters allow to implement complicated control algorithms, perform motor protection, adjust the efficiency, optimize operating conditions depending upon load and perform other functions. Now these capabilities become accessible for TRACE MODE SCADA users.

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI (unlike other HMI softwares) features a huge library of free controller drivers covering about 2586 devices . The use of commercial drivers or OPC-servers normally makes a SCADA project more expensive by $300-800 whereas the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI drivers are provided to the user free of charge.

Actually TRACE MODE supports PLCs produced by best world manufactures: Siemens Simatic S5 and S7, Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, GE Fanuc, Advantech ADAM, ICP/DAS i7000 and i8000, OMRON, Mitsubishi as well as PLCs made by leading Russian manufacturers: Techonic, Lomicont, Remicont, KR-300, Sh9327, etc.

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI users can download the new drivers at the "Technical Support" section of the Web site


Authorized System Integrator of AdAstra Research Group, Ltd, the Samara city based Engineermarket company (Russia), has commissioned a new building automation system for engineering equipment at new Tolyatti Park House mall that offers sports, entertainment, and retail services. The new building automation system is SCADA TRACE MODE 6 controlled.

Today, PARK HOUSE in Tolyatti is the largest and most trendy mall across the Volga region. The mall building is based on the project by Italian architects Studio Bartoli. Director of architect design company, Giovanni Bartoli has developed building design and managed construction as the General Architect. The project has been developed by Vremya Company Group specializing in mall group expansion across the largest Russian cities.
“By opening PARK HOUSE in Tolyatti, we have set another successful landmark for both the Volga region and Russian development market, creating a seamless business concept and adhering to the best mall development practices worldwide,” says Sergey Garanin, Director General of Vremya Company Group.

When developing the building automation system at new Tolyatti PARK HOUSE mall, the team has used the following SCADA TRACE MODE 6 software modules:

  • SCADA TRACE MODE 6 development system for 2048 I/Os;
  • Real Time Monitor+ (RTM+);
  • Micro TRACE MODE 6 for WinCon 8000 SOFTLOGIC runtime for 255 channels; 

The system also features the following equipment:

  • WinCon 8000 industrial controllers by ICP DAS;
  • TWIDO LCTA 24DRF industrial controllers by Schneider Electric;
  • ADAM-6000 remote input/output modules by ADVANTECH;
  • CE6822 electricity meters by Energomera;

SCADA TRACE MODE 6 is a heart of the mall's building automation WinCon 8000system. TRACE MODE was used both for developing operator interface (SCADA), and for programming WinCon 8000 controllers (Softlogic). For these purposes, the engineering team installed Micro TRACE MODE 6 for WinCon 8000 onto WinCon 8000 controllers.

When programming Micro TRACE MODE for WinCon, they have leveraged a powerful TRACE MODE 6 integrated development environment for Windows using 5 IEC 6-1131/3programming languages. The ready user developed programs were uploaded to WinCon 8000 controller directly from TRACE MODE editors. The same editors were used to run, stop and edit logical programs online, without affecting the WinCon 8000 controller operation.

Basically, the new SCADA TRACE MODE 6-based building automation system includes 6 elements:

  1. Power accounting and billing system for internal power consumers;
  2. Light dispatch and automatic control system;
  3. "Control of the Main Distribution Board parameters and status” system;
  4. Central boilers and hot water control system;
  5. Mixing units 1 control system;
  6. Power accounting and billing system for investors and tenants consuming power.

The building automation system is accountable for the following functions:

  • visualization of real time data from the mall building engineering equipment: valves and pumps status and alarms;
  • logging trends of building engineering equipment parameters;
  • trends view and analysis;
  • sound alarms;
  • valves and pumps control (both automatic and manual);
  • asset management of the mall engineering equipment.

A similar building automation system is in control of the largest mall across the Urals region – PARK HOUSE shopping centre in Yekaterinburg.

"By 2010, PARK HOUSE mall group will include ten large and modern mixed-use retail and shopping centers across the most prominent Russian cities,” the representatives of Mall Management Company say.


SCADA TRACE MODE 6.04 Offers Optimized Support for Mitsubishi FX Series Controllers

Mitsubishi FX

AdAstra Technical Support department anounced the new driver updates. FX Communication driver is designed for Mitsubishi Electric modular controllers. This driver supports the whole range of MELSEC FX PLC using serial port via FX Computer Link protocol.

The new driver provides SCADA TRACE MODE 6.04 communication with 32-bit integer counters, optimized communication via noisy data lines, as well as a number of changes improving driver functionality.

By successfully testing another way of SCADA TRACE MODE 6.04 communication with MELSEC FX controllers – via FX2N-64DNET communication module – DeviceNet bus support has been introduced.


Currently, the range of Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC FX controllers includes over 80 base modules with different CPU frequency, memory size, number of integrated I/O channels and scalability features. With breakthrough reliability, high performance, advanced functionality and communication capability, and, importantly, attractively priced, these controllers have a proven track record of operation in technology equipment management systems. Started in 1981, the line has a successful history of 6 million installations of MELSEC FX base modules, making them the most popular controller line in Mitsubishi Electric product range and ensuring industry-leading position of the company in this market segment. The annual sales growth of these controllers in Russia is over 40%, which also suggests their strong competitive advantages.

Supporting Mitsubishi controllers, SCADA TRACE MODE 6 provides an optimal solution for almost any automation task. The modular MELSEC FX controllers are positioned to gain a significant market share and win new Russian customers loyalty within the next two years, say leading experts at ICOS, official Russian distributor of Mitsubishi Electric.

TRACE MODE 6 demo project featuring SCADA system communication with Mitsubishi FX controllers using FX2N-16MT  is available for free download from the support section at, both for professional and basic SCADA versions.

The free SCADA TRACE MODE 6 drivers library covers 2586 I/O and PLC devices of different manufacturers.

SCADA TRACE MODE in Process Control of The Piano Factory

Beijing XINGHAI Musical Instruments Co., Ltd is the China's n 1 manufacturer of musical instruments. Founded in 1949 the factory manufactures 36000 pianos, 60000 wind instruments and 40000 traditional Chinese musical instruments per year. The company is ISO 9002 certified, and its products have been many times awarded for quality. The Beijing XINGHAI musical instruments are exported in 68 countries of the world.

The company's management relies on the modern technology and science and invests much in the high tech equipment.

In 2004 the Beijing XINGHAI Musical Instruments Co., Ltd piano factory has chosen the TRACE MODE SCADA software (Russia) and the Mitsubishi PLC (Japan) for the process control of the gas purification systems for three production lines of the paint and varnish shop. The new system controls the of the exhaust gas, after the musical instruments varnishing. The Beijing TGTC Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd company was engaged as system integrator, offering solution based on the TRACE MODE SCADA software and on the Mitsubishi FX-2N PLCs. 
The high temperature catalysis process control system includes:

  • field measuring devices and actuators;
  • Mitsubishi FX-2N PLCs with I/Os;
  • RS 485 cable and the ADAM 4520 module;
  • the operator interface PC.

The new TRACE MODE SCADA based gas purification process control system was quickly developed and launched in commercial operation. Easy project development was favored by the  PLC driver library built in TRACE MODE, that actually supports 2586 PLCs and I/O devices (among them the Mitsubishi FX-2N PLC).

The new gas purification process control system provided fast return of investment. The quality of the exhaust gas of the paint and varnish shop, purified by the temperature catalysis, fully meets Chinese ecology standards and it may be released to the atmosphere. This fact was confirmed by the inspection of the Beijing Ecology Administration. 

The Beijing XINGHAI Musical Instruments Co., Ltd confirmed once again the company strategy to the wide use of the new technologies and world experience in their way to the company's own production technologies excellence. 

Advantech Chooses TRACE MODE To Control Its Own Office Building

Advantech  Corporation (Taiwan) has presented the Advantech eBuilding Automation System, the control system for its own office building in Beijing  based on the Russian  SCADA & Softlogic system TRACE MODE (AdAstrA Research Group, Ltd, Moscow) and PC-based PLC ADAM 5510/HC (Advantech, Taiwan).

The Advantech Smart Building includes security, access control, climate (HVAC) and power utilities control.  The system has been developed according to the most advanced SoftDCS technology and based on PC-based PLC - ADAM 5510/HC controllers with Micro TRACE MODE , Ethernet network and Web-applications. Naturally, that as software tool the developers prefered  TRACE MODE - a world leader in the SoftDCS technologies.

The SoftDCS technology suposes using the unifim software tool, both for operator PC and for controllers. Moreover the project is developed as the single process control system. Therefore, PC-based ADAM 5510/HC controllers with Micro TRACE MODE  inside have been used for the building hardware control.

Advantech eBuilding Automation System allows to maintain  the automatic climate control, perform automatic changeover of the "winter-summer" conditions, exercise operator control of the process from remote terminals, which can be implemented either manually or automatically.

The operator servers use industrial PCs "ADAM IPC"s under control of TRACE MODE RTM and Web-Activator. Web-Activator enables the company's engineers to get access to data from any computer connected to Internet. TRACE MODE Web-Activator security system provides the protection against unauthorised connections. Web-Activator version for 10 operator workstations is used in this project.

TRACE MODE is widely used in building automation systems. TRACE MODE based building control systems have been developed for such objects as Sheraton Hotel-Cervo (Italy), Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Moscow Mayoralty and a number of other objects.

New Release of TRACE MODE 5.15 Will Be Issued in May

New 15th release of the integrated SCADA- and SOFTLOGIC-system TRACE MODE 5  will be issued by AdAstrA on 20th May 2004.

In the release, a GSM-Activator has been updated and the following elements have been added:

- DSR signal control disabling (to operate with non-standard COM-ports).

- support of modems operating under the GSM phase 2+ specifications (GSM-modems of the latest generation).

TRACE MODE 5.15 will contain new free drivers. The drivers are available free in the section PLC Support list!

In addition, some bugs have been corrected. 

TRACE MODE users can prder a CD-ROM with TRACE MODE 5.15 in the offices of AdAstrA and its partners beginning from 20th May, or download the programs in the Web-site section of TRACE MODE Technical Support  beginning from 30th April.


The New TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Release 6.10.2 Available For Download


AdAstra Research Group, Ltd (Moscow, Russia) has announced a new release of integrated SCADA- and SOFTLOGIC- system TRACE MODE 6.10.2.

The release is now available for all registered users of TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI for free (it is free for download  from the  User's Personal Account).

In accordance to increased security requirements of unauthorized access and user authentification in the process control software, new means of user rights management have been introduced. In the 6.10.2 some new features added, bugs detected fixed.

The new release 6.10.2 offers new software products and some improved features ......

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Controls Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Fire Safety System

SKB Tensor company (Russia, Moscow region) has developed and successfully commissioned an automated fire safety system for units №1 and №2 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, India (Tamil Nadu).

The automated fire safety system for units №1 and №2 of Kudankulam nuclear power plant, India runs under control of TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI (AdAstrA, Russia).

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI performs the following functions ...


DPTA Corp is TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Software Dealer In Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam)

DPTA TRACE MODE SCADAThe Ho Chi Minh City based (Viet NamDuc Phong Technology and Automation Corporation (DPTA) has the status of AdAstrA Authorized Dealer. The corporatin has the experience and qualifications to sales and customer support for TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software.

Viet Nam FlagTECHNOLOGY CORPORATION AND GERMAN STYLE AUTO was established in 2006, with a team of professionals, engineers, management staff are formally trained, motivated and experienced customers always trust.

TRACE MODE 6.09.2 New Release Available to Users

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI release 6.09.2

Adastra Technical support team announces a new release of an integrated and SCADA- SOFTLOGIC-system TRACE MODE 6.09.2.

The new release has successfully passed Microsoft certification tests fTRACE MODE SCADA/HMI is Windows 8 compatibleor compatibility with the Microsoft operating system Windows 8.1.

The new release 6.09.2 offers new software products and some improved features ...


TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Controls Ventilation in a Riga Commercial and Office Center

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI in climate control of the shoping center RD Holding, Riga, LatviaA Riga city based Sia Rameda company (Riga , Latvia) has used russian made TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software to develop a control system for ventilation, heating and cooling equipment in the RD Holding commercial and office center in Riga (street Maskavas 240, Riga , Latvia).

The main purpose of the work is to connect all ventilation machines, chillers and heating units to a centralized computer, supervisory control system to ensure round the clock equipment monitoring from a single center.

The Sia Rameda engineers have replaced an old ....

Training Video: Connecting Mitsubishi FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI via Melsec Protocol

Melsec FX3U and SCADA/HMI TRACE MODELearn how to connect a Mitsubishi Melsec FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI through built-in driver with our new free online video training.

To run the film just ....



Teknofeed Uses TRACE MODE HMI in Fodder Additives Plant Batching Control

A Belgorod based AIT company (South of Russia) has successfully used TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software to develop and to implement a batch control system for manufacturing of fodder additives. The control system has been installed in facility of TeknoFeed (Tshebekino, Belgorod area, Russia).

The main task of the TeknoFeed control system consists in the most precise batch dosing of fodder additives. The control system maximizes batch dosing accuracy of loose and liquid components (acids) according recipes. 

The TeknoFeed batch control system includes ...

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI In Control of The Biogas Fuel Production Plant in Poland

The Test company (Poland) used the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software to build the control system for the plant of biogas fuel production from the sewerage - Elbląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Elblągu Sp. z o.o., situated in Elblag city in north-eastern Poland.

The Elblag city is a Polish leader in energy production from renewable sources, including biogas and biomass.

According to the developers of biofuel production systems, the use of SCADA TRACE MODE has reduced the overall cost of the project in two-three times (compared to the same level SCADA software). 

The system monitors the following values ...

Adastra Releases TRACE MODE 6 RTM for Linux

RTM TRACE MODE 6 for LinuxAdAstra Company (Russia) announced the release of real-time monitor (LinRTM) for the operating system Linux.

TRACE MODE RTM is the main runtime module of the integrated TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI software, designed to operate on operator workstations.

The new LinRTM provides ...

The Brodsky Refinery (Bosnia) Implements TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI for EURO 5 Gasoline Production

Brod Refinery automated with TRACE MODE SCADA/HMIIn Bosnia, the Bosanski Brod refinery launched a second production line, which was repaired by the Russian company Zarubezhneft. Now the plant is able to produce the gasoline conforming to the Euro 5 standard.

The operator control systems for the gasoline production at the Bosanski Brod refinery were developped and implemented by several Russian system integrators. All integrators used Russian SCADA-software TRACE MODE 6 (AdAstra Research Group, Moscow) for process control of gasoline production.

New Brodsky refinery control system consists of the following parts ...

A New Free Driver for OMRON Sysmac PLC

omron plcAdAstra Research Group (Moscow, Russia) has released a new version of the free TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI driver for the OMRON programmable logical controller. The new driver is built in the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI 6.09 release and above.

video tutorial demonstrating the technology of OMRON PLCs connecting over the network via UDP using the free built-in driver, is available.OMRON Logo

The new driver is much faster, easier and more functional than the previous ones. The new TRACE MODE OMRON PLC driver has the following important features...

TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI In Control Of City Water Supply Utilities

The Iron–Technik company (Ust -Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan), an AdAstra authorized system integrator, has launched into commercial operation an automation system for municipal public utility named "Oskemen" (Ust -Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan ).

The new control system is build with TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software and embraces 14 plants of the "Oskemen water utility" enterprise, e.g...


Current TRACE MODE release 6.10.2. Upgrade now for free!