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The Brodsky Refinery (Bosnia) Implements TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI for EURO 5 Gasoline Production

Brod Refinery automation. HMI in TRACE MODEIn Bosnia, the Bosanski Brod refinery launched a second production line, which was renovated by the Russian company Zarubezhneft. Now the plant is able to produce the gasoline conforming to the Euro 5 standard. The operator control systems for the gasoline production at the Bosanski Brod refinery were developped and implemented by several Russian system integrators e.g. JSC "Company SZMA" (AdAstra Authorized System Integrator, St. Petersburg) and SIC "Inkomsistem" (Kazan). All integrators used Russian SCADA-software TRACE MODE 6 (AdAstra Research Group, Moscow) for process control of gasoline production. In the near future the Brodsky refinery will be able to handle up to 3 million tons per year of the Euro-5 standard gasoline.

The TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI is used at Brodsky refinery to automate the following processes:

  • primary oil refining facility;
  • subsystem for gasoline hydrotreater;
  • subsystem for liquefied gases cleaning;
  • reformates separation plant.

The upgraded control system for Euro 5 gasoline production running SCADA TRACE MODE 6 performs the following tasks:

  • automatic and manual remote control of actuators;
  • Euro 5 Oil production automation. HMI in SCADA TRACE MODEdata acquisition about the Brodsky refinery process parameters in real time;
  • automatic data and events logging;
  • automated resources accounting;
  • automatic or operator enabled reports generation for given time periods;
  • automatic emergency protection monitoring. Alarm and trouble-free automatic process shut down according to the preset algorithms.

New Brodsky refinery control system consists of the following parts:

  • Distributed control system - the SCADA component, responsible for process control in normal mode;
  • Emergency protection system - the control system component ensuring safe shut down of the plant in case of potential emergency.

The following TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI software was used to implement the control system for Brodsky refinery:

Brod Oil refienery. HMI in TRACE MODEThe SZMA developers have used TRACE MODE to create a convenient operator interface in Russian and Serbian languages which ​​can be switched in real time.

In one year after, the Bosanski Brod refinery has to produce about 300,000 tons of Euro 5 gasoline, which would be enough to fill more than 7 million cars.

After starting a new production line the Zarubezhneft CEO Nikolay Brunich said:

"They fought for the result, which is important for both the Republika Srpska and its people, and for the Russian investments. It's very important that our actions were well organized, joint. And now you can see the result of this. "

The TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software is also used in other areas of Brodsky refinery.


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    The New TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Release 6.10.2 Available For Download


    AdAstra Research Group, Ltd (Moscow, Russia) has announced a new release of integrated SCADA- and SOFTLOGIC- system TRACE MODE 6.10.2.

    The release is now available for all registered users of TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI for free (it is free for download  from the  User's Personal Account).

    In accordance to increased security requirements of unauthorized access and user authentification in the process control software, new means of user rights management have been introduced. In the 6.10.2 some new features added, bugs detected fixed.

    The new release 6.10.2 offers new software products and some improved features ......

    TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Controls Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Fire Safety System

    SKB Tensor company (Russia, Moscow region) has developed and successfully commissioned an automated fire safety system for units №1 and №2 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, India (Tamil Nadu).

    The automated fire safety system for units №1 and №2 of Kudankulam nuclear power plant, India runs under control of TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI (AdAstrA, Russia).

    TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI performs the following functions ...


    DPTA Corp is TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Software Dealer In Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam)

    DPTA TRACE MODE SCADAThe Ho Chi Minh City based (Viet NamDuc Phong Technology and Automation Corporation (DPTA) has the status of AdAstrA Authorized Dealer. The corporatin has the experience and qualifications to sales and customer support for TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software.

    Viet Nam FlagTECHNOLOGY CORPORATION AND GERMAN STYLE AUTO was established in 2006, with a team of professionals, engineers, management staff are formally trained, motivated and experienced customers always trust.

    TRACE MODE 6.09.2 New Release Available to Users

    TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI release 6.09.2

    Adastra Technical support team announces a new release of an integrated and SCADA- SOFTLOGIC-system TRACE MODE 6.09.2.

    The new release has successfully passed Microsoft certification tests fTRACE MODE SCADA/HMI is Windows 8 compatibleor compatibility with the Microsoft operating system Windows 8.1.

    The new release 6.09.2 offers new software products and some improved features ...


    TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Controls Ventilation in a Riga Commercial and Office Center

    TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI in climate control of the shoping center RD Holding, Riga, LatviaA Riga city based Sia Rameda company (Riga , Latvia) has used russian made TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software to develop a control system for ventilation, heating and cooling equipment in the RD Holding commercial and office center in Riga (street Maskavas 240, Riga , Latvia).

    The main purpose of the work is to connect all ventilation machines, chillers and heating units to a centralized computer, supervisory control system to ensure round the clock equipment monitoring from a single center.

    The Sia Rameda engineers have replaced an old ....

    Training Video: Connecting Mitsubishi FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI via Melsec Protocol

    Melsec FX3U and SCADA/HMI TRACE MODELearn how to connect a Mitsubishi Melsec FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI through built-in driver with our new free online video training.

    To run the film just ....



    Teknofeed Uses TRACE MODE HMI in Fodder Additives Plant Batching Control

    A Belgorod based AIT company (South of Russia) has successfully used TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software to develop and to implement a batch control system for manufacturing of fodder additives. The control system has been installed in facility of TeknoFeed (Tshebekino, Belgorod area, Russia).

    The main task of the TeknoFeed control system consists in the most precise batch dosing of fodder additives. The control system maximizes batch dosing accuracy of loose and liquid components (acids) according recipes. 

    The TeknoFeed batch control system includes ...

    TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI In Control of The Biogas Fuel Production Plant in Poland

    The Test company (Poland) used the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software to build the control system for the plant of biogas fuel production from the sewerage - Elbląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Elblągu Sp. z o.o., situated in Elblag city in north-eastern Poland.

    The Elblag city is a Polish leader in energy production from renewable sources, including biogas and biomass.

    According to the developers of biofuel production systems, the use of SCADA TRACE MODE has reduced the overall cost of the project in two-three times (compared to the same level SCADA software). 

    The system monitors the following values ...

    Adastra Releases TRACE MODE 6 RTM for Linux

    RTM TRACE MODE 6 for LinuxAdAstra Company (Russia) announced the release of real-time monitor (LinRTM) for the operating system Linux.

    TRACE MODE RTM is the main runtime module of the integrated TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI software, designed to operate on operator workstations.

    The new LinRTM provides ...

    A New Free Driver for OMRON Sysmac PLC

    omron plcAdAstra Research Group (Moscow, Russia) has released a new version of the free TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI driver for the OMRON programmable logical controller. The new driver is built in the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI 6.09 release and above.

    video tutorial demonstrating the technology of OMRON PLCs connecting over the network via UDP using the free built-in driver, is available.OMRON Logo

    The new driver is much faster, easier and more functional than the previous ones. The new TRACE MODE OMRON PLC driver has the following important features...

    TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI In Control Of City Water Supply Utilities

    The Iron–Technik company (Ust -Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan), an AdAstra authorized system integrator, has launched into commercial operation an automation system for municipal public utility named "Oskemen" (Ust -Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan ).

    The new control system is build with TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software and embraces 14 plants of the "Oskemen water utility" enterprise, e.g...

    Pakistan Students Study Industrial Automation Technologies with SCADA TRACE MODE

    A new laboratory practice on Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) system development is launched for undergraduate students of Electrical Engineering at University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila (Punjab, Pakistan). University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila commonly referred to as UET Taxila is among the best engineering universities in Pakistan. The new practice is based on the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software.

    The laboratory work was developed by  Director Technical, Creative Electronics & Automation in his MSc Research work under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Choudhry using the Omron's latest CJ1 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the Device-Net field bus and the latest version of TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI software.

    The author can share the experiments the files of SCADA as well as PLC and complete Experimentation & Training documentation. Please contact ...


    Current TRACE MODE release 6.10.2. Upgrade now for free!