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TRACE MODE Data Center Provides Remote Web Based And Mobile Access to Control Systems


AdAstrA Research Group announced release of a new SCADA TRACE MODE runtime module, TRACE MODE Data Center - a server for remote web based and wireless access to real-time control system information using web-browser via Internet/Intranet or wireless networks (GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

TRACE MODE Data Center provides a web-gateway capability for the local control systems. The software receives real-time data from the TRACE MODE servers (RTM on PC) via I-NET (TCP/IP) and offers web access to these data via browser or TRACE MODE SCADA Mobile applications for mobile phones (Java MIDlets). The software can simultaneously support several servers of the local TRACE MODE control systems with various application projects.

TRACE MODE Data Center offers the features below:

  • HMI for mobile web users, including control functions (Web SCADA);
  • HMI for mobile phone users (SCADA Mobile);
  • web access to HTML documents generated by TRACE MODE Documentation Server or DocRTM+ (not included in Data Center) with intuitive, hierarchical view;
  • administration of remote users' access to documentation.

The all-new product from AdAstra is tailored to meet the needs of the corporate users of TRACE MODE looking to consolidate information from the various control systems across the plant, and provide access to this information for mobile employees, such as plant engineers, technology engineers, and plant management. TRACE MODE Data Center can help our customers use any LAN-attached PC to retrieve information on the plant process (Web SCADA feature). Moreover, the information is provided not only in symbolic circuits, but also in customizable report documents, specific to each user of the system.

The mobile office workforce will enjoy using another TRACE MODE Data Center option – SCADA Mobile. SCADA Mobile feature provides an HMI for the mobile phone users. The TRACE MODE mobile applications can run on any Java-enabled mobile phone. TRACE MODE SCADA Mobile offers an HMI with rich screen graphics, trends or bar graphs. You can use buttons or keyboard to navigate through the Report by TRACE MODE SCADA sytemscreens or enter commands.

When creating a Web SCADA or SCADA Mobile project, one can use easy and intuitive TRACE MODE 6 development system to develop a simple screen. To run any application on your phone, you need to install a TRACE MODE runtime module (Java MIDlet) depending on the phone. AdAstra will be providing free MIDlets for phones by making them available for download at We released the first  MIDlet for the Nokia models. Soon, we will develop a TRACE MODE MIDlet for Sony Ericsson models.

TRACE MODE Data Center includes an integrated security system. Only users having proper rights can access data on any web-server. The access rights for various users allow flexible setup and TRACE MODE SCADA Mobileadministration.

TRACE MODE Data Center licensing is based on concurrent connections of the client devices (PC, mobile phones, pocket PCs, etc.). The program is available in versions with 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and unlimited workplaces. There is no limit for concurrently supported control system projects. The super-user account allows login of a power user to the process, even if all licenses are used.

TRACE MODE Data Center Online Demo

TRACE MODE Data Center MIDlet for Mobile Phone Free Download


The New TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Release 6.10.2 Available For Download


AdAstra Research Group, Ltd (Moscow, Russia) has announced a new release of integrated SCADA- and SOFTLOGIC- system TRACE MODE 6.10.2.

The release is now available for all registered users of TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI for free (it is free for download  from the  User's Personal Account).

In accordance to increased security requirements of unauthorized access and user authentification in the process control software, new means of user rights management have been introduced. In the 6.10.2 some new features added, bugs detected fixed.

The new release 6.10.2 offers new software products and some improved features ......

Training Video: Connecting Mitsubishi FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI via Melsec Protocol

Melsec FX3U and SCADA/HMI TRACE MODELearn how to connect a Mitsubishi Melsec FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI through built-in driver with our new free online video training.

To run the film just ....


SCADA For GSM/GPRS-based Remote Control Now Released


AdAstrA Research Group (Moscow, Russia) has launched a new SCADA/HMI class software product - TRACE MODE GSM RTM+ for GSM/GPRS-based remote control and alarming.

Utility, transportation, hi-tech house, water, gaz, fire-safety and agriculture remote control – the all-new SCADA/HMI software is designed for a range of applications that seek to receive real-time process data and communicate them to the mobile teams in a fast and reliable way. 

TRACE MODE GSM RTM+ is easily programmed on IEC 6-1131/3 visual languages in SCADA/HMI TRACE MODE 6 integrated development environment.

New free of charge drivers for TOSHIBA TOSVERT Added in TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI

New free of charge drivers for TOSHIBA TOSVERT series frequency converters are added to the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software and published at the AdAstra Web site for download:

SCADA TRACE MODE 6.05 Now Avaiable

On January 30, 2007, a new release of the integrated SCADA-system TRACE MODE 6.05 has been made available, both in Professional and Standard editions.

The 6.05 release includes new features and patches for the development system and runtime modules. The new SCADA TRACE MODE and MES-EAM-HRM software from the T-FACTORY system is available for free download from the support section.

SCADA HMI TRACE MODE Supports BACnet Protocol


The BACnet protocol support strengthen the SCADA TRACE MODE 6 positions in the field of building automation and hi-tech house applications.

The ready-to-use example of the SCADA TRACE MODE 6 connectivity to the YORK TDC9E PLC using BACnet/IP protocol is available for free download at the SUPPORT section of the site.


Adastra Releases TRACE MODE 6 RTM for Linux

RTM TRACE MODE 6 for LinuxAdAstra Company (Russia) announced the release of real-time monitor (LinRTM) for the operating system Linux.

TRACE MODE RTM is the main runtime module of the integrated TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI software, designed to operate on operator workstations.

The new LinRTM provides ...

A New Free Driver for OMRON Sysmac PLC

omron plcAdAstra Research Group (Moscow, Russia) has released a new version of the free TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI driver for the OMRON programmable logical controller. The new driver is built in the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI 6.09 release and above.

video tutorial demonstrating the technology of OMRON PLCs connecting over the network via UDP using the free built-in driver, is available.OMRON Logo

The new driver is much faster, easier and more functional than the previous ones. The new TRACE MODE OMRON PLC driver has the following important features...

TRACE MODE 6.07.7 SCADA/HMI Now Released

AdAstrA's Technical Support team announces a new SCADA TRACE MODE 6.07.7 release.

The 6.07.7 release makes TRACE MODE 6 fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, while also introducing exciting new features...

AdAstrA Releases TRACE MODE 6.07

AdAstrA Support team announces a new SCADA TRACE MODE 6.07 release.

TRACE MODE 6.07  features new development tools for electricity metering systems and building automation.
Starting with 6.07 release, SCADA TRACE MODE offers an all-in-one driver that supports a variety of protocols used in different electricity meters.

Besides new TRACE MODE 6.07 releas includes new graphical elements for building automation amd electricity metering systems.

AdAstrA Reseases a New Milestone Release, SCADA TRACE MODE 6.06!

AdAstrA launched a new release of the integrated SOFTLOGIC-SCADA-MES-EAM-HRM system, TRACE MODE 6.06, available both in Professional and Base editions. The exciting new 6.06 release provides a host of new features and technologies to dramatically increase SCADA TRACE MODE performance and functionality.

New SCADA TRACE MODE updates are available free of charge at the Support section.

HART Driver for Micro TRACE MODE 6 to Connect HART Devices and WinCon 8000

AdAstrA Research Group, Ltd made available an external driver for Micro TRACE MODE 6 industrial controller programming system. This driver is designed to connect WinCon 8000 controller to sensors and flowmeters using a popular HART protocol.

The Kristall distillery in Moscow was one of the first factories to deploy the HART driver for WinCon 8000. Previously, Micro TRACE MODE 6 for WinCon 8000 was shipped only with the integrated drivers for Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DCS, etc.


Current TRACE MODE release 6.10.2. Upgrade now for free!