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More Support

How to Expand the Technical Support for TRACE MODE And T-Factory?

Every TRACE MODE and T-Factory user can expand the amount of free technical support to be provided by entering into an agreement of additional, personal or corporate technical support. These services are chargeable. An expanded support is accessible for users of both commercial and free TRACE MODE versions. The amount and specifications of the expanded technical support for users of various TRACE MODE and T-Factory versions are as follows:

Personal technical support for commercial version users

Additional technical support for free version users

Additional technical support for OEM-version users

A convenient form of technical support for major users of TRACE MODE and T-Factory from large enterprises is the corporate technical support. This kind of technical support is specially aimed to the specifics of activity and interests of major corporate system users.

To learn more about the advantages of individual, additional and corporate technical support, contact the company’s Sales Department.


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