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Adastra Issues A New 6.09 Release Of The TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI


AdAstra (Russia, Moscow) announces the new 6.09 release of the integrated SCADA/HMI and SOFTLOGIC software TRACE MODE. Recommended operating system for the TRACE MODE 6.09 continues to be Windows 7.

RTM TRACE MODE 6 for LinuxIn the new 6.09 release contains some new software products and new features.

Among the new products:

TRACE MODE Real Time Monitor for Linux - LinRTM

The LinRTM 6 is an HMI software designed to run on the operator PC. The LinRTM is programmed in the standard TRACE MODE development environment release 6.09 and above for Windows, and can be run in real-time under Linux operating system.

Micro TRACE MODE 6 For xPAC-8000

Micro TRACE MODE 6 for xPAC-8000 - a new high-performance TRACE MODE OEM runtime module for xPAC-8000 industrial controllers (ICP DAS, Taiwan) running under OS Windows XP Embedded. The program features an enhensed productivity and more IO Micro TRACE MODE for xPAC 8000channels supported, expanded set of ready-made drivers, which includes xPAC-8000 IO and many drivers for other external controllers, remote input-output, energy meters and resources. Also, Micro TRACE MODE 6 for xPAC-8000 supports the OPC-interface (client).

The Micro TRACE MODE can be programmed visually in a handy TRACE MODE 6 development environment (IDE) for Windows (purchased separately) on any of 5 IEC 61131/3 languages. In most cases no programming is required to configure the controller. The main technological and computational algorithms are contained in the program as ready-to-use blocks.

New Features of The Built-In Drivers

  • A new version of the driver for OMRON PLC communication over UDP is released. A new mechanism of the traffic threading is implemented, having automatic shut-off and flow restoration feature in case of communication error / reconnecting.
  • New features added to the "universal exchange mechanism with electric meters." Now, it has become possible to connect power meters that do not have built-in clock.
  • In the 6.09 release the extended specification for connecting the T13- type driver is implemented, namely:
                        • a group request added;
                        • the software and/or used defined monitoring forwarding to different devices in real time feature is added.
                        • an additional parameter interface added allowing to format data processing.

New Features of The Development System And RTM

  • Redirecting history archive to an external SQL database. The deta flow to the SIAD archives (as set during configuration) can be now redirected to an external SQL database using the ODBC interface.
  • A new CALL.ROOT channel added enabling sampling from various archives, flexible data aggregation and generation of documents and files.
  • The Internet Explorer browser can be used for viewing HTML files from RTM.


  • Hot stand by mode synchronization system modified, in particular:
    • Improved redundancy control system.
    • Improved performance synchronization routines.
    • Reduced network load caused by synchronization.
    • Enhanced monitoring and control functions for COM-ports in redundant nodes and COM-ports modes. The "Assigning COM-port." specification expanded respectively
  • The alarm report queries engine by client consoles modified. The settings for servers and consoles data exchange are now set with special keys in the configuration files. The targeted mailings and targeted message requests feature added.
  • Modified function of Modbus group recording. The automatic transmission of channel changing arguments to the group record ChGroupReq type INPUT channel enabled.
  • The CALL.RT_Statistics channel modified. The specification for the statistical data processing is expanded.
  • Extended function of the channel DifSnap regarding processing of integer parameters.
  • A System variable @ Exit added. Now a RTM can be stopped by command.
  • A System variable @ Key_Code added. This new feature allows the software to process the signals from a 10-key keyboard and to create a string input.
  • Significantly accelerated the OPC server tag sampling in the IDE browser.
  • Enhanced debugging capabilities using keys errlock = errlockon = -> through the window components and ERROR_SHOWON - in the file *. Cnf.
  • Expanded and unified message about the state of the current node in the "Component View".
  • Standardized diagnostic engine of executive function channels CALL: error messages are passed to the attribute 240.
  • Custom component library tmdevenv.tmul basic and professional versions are located in different folders. Center files tmdevenv.tmul (with different formats for different IDE) are placed in the folder c: \ ProgramData \ AdAstra \ Trace Mode IDE 6 \ and c: \ ProgramData \ AdAstra \ Trace Mode IDE 6 Base \ (in Windows 7) or in c \: Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ AdAstra \ Trace Mode IDE 6 \ and c \: Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ AdAstra \ Trace Mode IDE 6 Base \ (in the operating system Windows XP). To use a custom component library file tmdevenv.tmul of subdirectories % TRACE MODE% \ LIB must copy it into the above directory.
    Expanded and standardized the data exchange control and diagnostics with controllers using network protocols. Dynamic automatic redundancy for controllers provided with diagnostics and IP-addresses switching.

Note! Some Old Features No More Supported

  • On-screen display of the channels 102 and 103 of the "Universal-sharing mechanism with electric meters"
  • Automatic data processing before document generation.
  • Direct export to files of sampling results of archived data by assigning the initiating channel sample values 0xfff1, 0xfff2 and 0xfff3.
  • All samples from the archive when attributes of the parameter <32 is specified.
  • The channel CALL type 18, 19, 26, 27, 28, 34.
  • Output functions with SubNum> = 32000.


Real-time monitor

  • Channel name output to the document explicitly referenced by name attribute (127) restored.
  • Diagnostics and data exchange recovery via COM-port adopted to the COM-port emulation by USB-converters.
  • The pop-up screen positioning in real time through the attributes of 242 and 243 feature restored.
  • Improved reliability of the port configuration for different Modbus TCP devices.
  • Improved the quality of data sampling by CALL.LocalList channel.
  • The RTM unauthorized stop possibility eliminated.
  • Raster drawing in multiple visibility management mode accelerated.
  • Modified the historical data sampling and display on trends for both local and remote requests.
  • Restored transfer of the message "Last alarm" to ActiveX.
  • In the graphical element (GE) "Database" for SQL-queries with a WHERE clause field names identification request ordered.
  • A confirmation dialog for control functions located next to the GE.


  • The DataCenter communication stability increased (if there are any open connections in RTM and in stand-by modes).
  • DataCenter bugs in displaying the history trend data fixed.
  • A critical situation when duplicating archival curves on two screens fixed.
  • The display format is conformed with the format of the entry.
  • The XOR function in the control panel of the DataCenter restored.
  • Eliminated the conflict that arises in real time, while simultaneously drawing graphics on the screen and graphics in a document.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • In the GE "Cutout" eliminated conflicts arising at it re-editing and in real time.
  • In the GE "Histogram" the designation of the range ordered.
  • USE 'Transition' is created by default with a "view presentation" = "text."
  • Replacement of a remote video from the library with a new imported corrected.
  • Right display of a transparent background in animation restored.
  • Some enhancements in the user library are done.

New Features of SCADA TRACE MODE 6.09 Software Update

Note! Since release 6.09, software upgrades are available only through User's Personal Account (updates are free-of-charge). The registered programs can be downloaded only. Program registration is also carried out through the user's personal account. Registration information is on the registration card of the software and in the license agreement.

For inquiries, please contact:



The New TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Release 6.10.2 Available For Download


AdAstra Research Group, Ltd (Moscow, Russia) has announced a new release of integrated SCADA- and SOFTLOGIC- system TRACE MODE 6.10.2.

The release is now available for all registered users of TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI for free (it is free for download  from the  User's Personal Account).

In accordance to increased security requirements of unauthorized access and user authentification in the process control software, new means of user rights management have been introduced. In the 6.10.2 some new features added, bugs detected fixed.

The new release 6.10.2 offers new software products and some improved features ......

Training Video: Connecting Mitsubishi FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI via Melsec Protocol

Melsec FX3U and SCADA/HMI TRACE MODELearn how to connect a Mitsubishi Melsec FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI through built-in driver with our new free online video training.

To run the film just ....


SCADA For GSM/GPRS-based Remote Control Now Released


AdAstrA Research Group (Moscow, Russia) has launched a new SCADA/HMI class software product - TRACE MODE GSM RTM+ for GSM/GPRS-based remote control and alarming.

Utility, transportation, hi-tech house, water, gaz, fire-safety and agriculture remote control – the all-new SCADA/HMI software is designed for a range of applications that seek to receive real-time process data and communicate them to the mobile teams in a fast and reliable way. 

TRACE MODE GSM RTM+ is easily programmed on IEC 6-1131/3 visual languages in SCADA/HMI TRACE MODE 6 integrated development environment.

TRACE MODE Data Center Provides Remote Web Based And Mobile Access to Control Systems

AdAstrA Research Group has released a new SCADA TRACE MODE runtime module, TRACE MODE Data Center, providing remote access to real-time control system information using web-browser via Internet/Intranet or wireless networks (GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

The all-new product from AdAstra is tailored to meet the needs of the corporate users of TRACE MODE looking to consolidate information from the various control systems across the plant, and provide access to this information for mobile employees, such as engineers, chief engineers, and plant management.


New free of charge drivers for TOSHIBA TOSVERT Added in TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI

New free of charge drivers for TOSHIBA TOSVERT series frequency converters are added to the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software and published at the AdAstra Web site for download:

SCADA TRACE MODE 6.05 Now Avaiable

On January 30, 2007, a new release of the integrated SCADA-system TRACE MODE 6.05 has been made available, both in Professional and Standard editions.

The 6.05 release includes new features and patches for the development system and runtime modules. The new SCADA TRACE MODE and MES-EAM-HRM software from the T-FACTORY system is available for free download from the support section.


Adastra Releases TRACE MODE 6 RTM for Linux

RTM TRACE MODE 6 for LinuxAdAstra Company (Russia) announced the release of real-time monitor (LinRTM) for the operating system Linux.

TRACE MODE RTM is the main runtime module of the integrated TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI software, designed to operate on operator workstations.

The new LinRTM provides ...

A New Free Driver for OMRON Sysmac PLC

omron plcAdAstra Research Group (Moscow, Russia) has released a new version of the free TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI driver for the OMRON programmable logical controller. The new driver is built in the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI 6.09 release and above.

video tutorial demonstrating the technology of OMRON PLCs connecting over the network via UDP using the free built-in driver, is available.OMRON Logo

The new driver is much faster, easier and more functional than the previous ones. The new TRACE MODE OMRON PLC driver has the following important features...

TRACE MODE 6.07.7 SCADA/HMI Now Released

AdAstrA's Technical Support team announces a new SCADA TRACE MODE 6.07.7 release.

The 6.07.7 release makes TRACE MODE 6 fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, while also introducing exciting new features...

AdAstrA Releases TRACE MODE 6.07

AdAstrA Support team announces a new SCADA TRACE MODE 6.07 release.

TRACE MODE 6.07  features new development tools for electricity metering systems and building automation.
Starting with 6.07 release, SCADA TRACE MODE offers an all-in-one driver that supports a variety of protocols used in different electricity meters.

Besides new TRACE MODE 6.07 releas includes new graphical elements for building automation amd electricity metering systems.

AdAstrA Reseases a New Milestone Release, SCADA TRACE MODE 6.06!

AdAstrA launched a new release of the integrated SOFTLOGIC-SCADA-MES-EAM-HRM system, TRACE MODE 6.06, available both in Professional and Base editions. The exciting new 6.06 release provides a host of new features and technologies to dramatically increase SCADA TRACE MODE performance and functionality.

New SCADA TRACE MODE updates are available free of charge at the Support section.

HART Driver for Micro TRACE MODE 6 to Connect HART Devices and WinCon 8000

AdAstrA Research Group, Ltd made available an external driver for Micro TRACE MODE 6 industrial controller programming system. This driver is designed to connect WinCon 8000 controller to sensors and flowmeters using a popular HART protocol.

The Kristall distillery in Moscow was one of the first factories to deploy the HART driver for WinCon 8000. Previously, Micro TRACE MODE 6 for WinCon 8000 was shipped only with the integrated drivers for Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DCS, etc.


Current TRACE MODE release 6.10.2. Upgrade now for free!