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TRACE MODE 6 HMI Released in English

On 9 August 2005 AdAstrA Research Group released the English version of integrated SOFTLOGIC-SCADA/HMI-MES-EAM-HRM software TRACE MODE 6. New version offers an unrivalled power and flexibility in the integrated process control and manufacturing automation systems development, combined with intuitiveness and ease of use.

TRACE MODE 6 provides real time solutions for the whole range of process control and manufacturing business automation issues, as follows:

TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI LibrariesTRACE MODE 6 implements easy method of project development. The TRACE MODE easy method is a graphics centered approach. Development using this method is performed in the fastest and the most intuitive way. The TRACE MODE 6 Project Autobuilding® system automatically creates HMI screens from ready library blocks, and connection to controllers is performed through built-in drivers (free drivers for 2812 controllers and input/output cards are supplied along with TRACE MODE development system). 

TRACE MODE 6 license policy has become more flexible. It meets maximum user requirements for flexibility in software selection and optimize the overall project cost:

  • TRACE MODE 6 offers more options for I/O number support. Versions for: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 32000 and 64000 I/O points are available;
  • The TRACE MODE 6 development is licensed for I/O points only (a TRACE MODE I/O point means a source or receiver of external data);
  • TRACE MODE system architecture allows to use system channels more economically;

Detailed system overview is given in the PRODUCTS section of the site.

The TRACE MODE 6 development tool is free (basic version) and is available for direct download.


Training Video: Connecting Mitsubishi FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI via Melsec Protocol

Melsec FX3U and SCADA/HMI TRACE MODELearn how to connect a Mitsubishi Melsec FX3U PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI through built-in driver with our new free online video training.

To run the film just ....



Pakistan Students Study Industrial Automation Technologies with SCADA TRACE MODE

A new laboratory practice on Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) system development is launched for undergraduate students of Electrical Engineering at University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila (Punjab, Pakistan). University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila commonly referred to as UET Taxila is among the best engineering universities in Pakistan. The new practice is based on the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software.

The laboratory work was developed by  Director Technical, Creative Electronics & Automation in his MSc Research work under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Choudhry using the Omron's latest CJ1 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the Device-Net field bus and the latest version of TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI software.

The author can share the experiments the files of SCADA as well as PLC and complete Experimentation & Training documentation. Please contact ...

SCADA Training in Beijing

TRACE MODE SCADA Training ChinaOn December 12-23, 2005 in Beijing an Extended training for the process control system development in the integrated SOFTLOGIC-SCADA-MES-EAM-HRM software TRACE MODE 6 was held.

The SCADA training was attended by control engineers from China and Pakistan involved in the process control projects in power generation industry.

The trainees appreciated such TRACE MODE 6 SCADA and SOFTLOGIC features as the uniform project technology, project autobuilding, extensive I/O driver's library, ready-to-use resources, reliability and ease of the TRACE MODE use.


Current TRACE MODE release 6.10.2. Upgrade now for free!