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Certified TRACE MODE Engineer
Certified TRACE MODE Engineer

The Certified TRACE MODE and T-FACTORY Engineers

The "Certified TRACE MODE and T-FACTORY Engineers" are the most experienced TRACE MODE and T-FACTORY users that successfully completed the Extended TRACE MODE Course. The "Certified Engineer" degree guarantees the in-depth knowledge of the TRACE MODE and T-FACTORY based technologies of the manufacturing and process control systems design and implementation.

A certified engineer should have a uniform diploma given by one of the Authorised training centre. The certification is offered for the whole life cycle of the current TRACE MODE version. For the update training, required afterwards, the engineer gets a significant discount.

The availability of a Certified TRACE MODE and T-FACTORY Engineer on the staff is a mandatory requirement for getting the authorized statuses within the AdAstrA Research Group, Ltd partner system.

The "TRACE MODE Certified Engineer" degree was awarded to over 2000 control engineers.


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