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Intel Chooses TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI for Office Building Automation


Intel office building in Novgorod CityProtect Company (Nizhny Novgorod city, Russia) used the Russian SCADA/HMI software TRACE MODE 6 to develop a building automation system across Intel's office.

The total building area of 3,740 square meters is designed to accommodate about 190 employees. Intel's office boasts of the most advanced engineering infrastructure: power supply system (up to 2 MW of power!), and cooling station providing ventilation and air conditioning. The brand new building includes advanced server rooms, power supply stabilizing, leakage control, climate control, fire and security alarms, early smoke detection, fire-fighting system, etc.

The heart of Intel's automated building, TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI provides the following features:

  • automates power consumption logging and monitors power supply parameters, such as voltage, current, wattage or Intel building automation systemwaveform distortion factor;
  • automates status monitoring of the power entrance devices (on, off or pulled out);
  • automates status monitoring of the diesel generator;
  • automates status monitoring of uninterruptible power supply;
  • monitors status of the sewerage shutters;
  • monitors leakage;
  • monitors status of the fire retarding and smoke removal valves;
  • automates climate parameter;
  • monitoring across Intel's office, such as temperature and humidity;
  • automates monitoring of the heating pipes temperature;
  •  monitors emergency status of the precision conditioners monitors and controls cooling, ventilation and conditioning.

SCADA TRACE MODE in the Intel office automationThe new TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI based system in Intel's building provides an intelligent automation solution by controlling devices such as chillers, dry coolers, cooling station, pump frequency converters, exhaust fans, central conditioners, fancoils.

The system builds upon the hardware below:

  • Advantech input/output modules
  • Sauter and S+S Regeltechnik temperature/humidity converters;
  • Jola leakage sensors and relays;
  • SAT 4TM power meters;
  • York temperature, humidity, pressure sensors, control valve drives; cooling, ventilation and conditioning controllers
  • Schneider Electric frequency converters.

Within Intel's building automation system, the operator PC communicates with the controllers using the built-in SCADA/HMI TRACE MODE 6 drivers:

  • Advantech modules and SAT 4TM meters - using serial interface;
  • York hardware and Schneider Electric frequency converters - using Ethernet via BacNet IP. Intel office power supply control screen in TRACE MODE SCADA

Trace Mode 6 RTM+ runtime module aquires and processes real time data from controllers. This system also provides operator GUI in English, offering greater flexibility. Enabling end-to-end automation across Intel's building, the system provides the following information screens:

  1. Main screen containing buttons for navigation to additional screens and alarm report including emergency event information. The PC reports emergency events by a sound signal;
  2. Additional screens offering detailed information on cooling, ventilation and conditioning;
  3. Power supply screen providing data from SAT 4TM power meters, power entrance devices, uninterruptible power supply and diesel generator;
  4. Screens with the plans of each floor providing information from climate control sensors, status of fire retarding valves, sewerage shutters, control of precision conditioner emergency status.

Intel office air conditionning control in TRACE MODE HMI "By employing SCADA TRACE MODE 6 and its enhanced support of the hardware from various manufacturers, we have been able to provide a comprehensive automation solution for Intel's building," sais Pavel Kondratiev, senior engineer at the Protect Company. "The system is online now and ensures easy monitoring of engineering systems across the building."


TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Controls Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Fire Safety System

SKB Tensor company (Russia, Moscow region) has developed and successfully commissioned an automated fire safety system for units №1 and №2 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, India (Tamil Nadu).

The automated fire safety system for units №1 and №2 of Kudankulam nuclear power plant, India runs under control of TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI (AdAstrA, Russia).

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI performs the following functions ...


TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Controls Ventilation in a Riga Commercial and Office Center

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI in climate control of the shoping center RD Holding, Riga, LatviaA Riga city based Sia Rameda company (Riga , Latvia) has used russian made TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software to develop a control system for ventilation, heating and cooling equipment in the RD Holding commercial and office center in Riga (street Maskavas 240, Riga , Latvia).

The main purpose of the work is to connect all ventilation machines, chillers and heating units to a centralized computer, supervisory control system to ensure round the clock equipment monitoring from a single center.

The Sia Rameda engineers have replaced an old ....

SCADA TRACE MODE In Process Control of The Biggest European Oil Shale Chemical Company


Viru RMT Ou (Estonia, EU), Authorized System Integrator of AdAstrA Research Group fulfilled reconstruction of control system for the 1000 tones gas generator retort at the main technological process of VKG oil shale company.

VKG Oil is the biggest oil shale chemical industry in Europe, the main field of activity of which is thermal processing of oil shale. 1.4 million tons oil shale is reprocessed per year. The company produces various fuel oils, which are characterized by low viscosity and a setting point below -25ºC, oil coke and pitch, summary oil shale phenols, antiseptic wood impregnation oil and bitumen.

The return of investment in reconstruction of SCADA TRACE MODE based gas generator control system was achieved within...

SCADA TRACE MODE 6 in Control System of European Nuclear Power Plants

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI at atomic power-plant Bogunice

A Moscow-based SNIIP-SISTEMATOM company has set up an automated system to control the neutron current in the reactors of the 3rd and 4th power units at Bogunitse nuclear power plant (Slovakia). The new control system has been developed using Russian made SCADA/HMI software TRACE MODE 6.

A similar control system has been also developed for Mokhovtse nuclear power plant (Slovakia). 


Nationwide retail group PARK HOUSE has selected SCADA HMI TRACE MODE 6 for use in their building automation systems.

EngineerMarket company (Samara City) has commissioned the control systems of two PARK HOUSE malls in Yekaterinburg and Tolyatti Cities.

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI in Control System at Kazanorgsintez Polyethylene Pipe Production

Kazanorgsintez Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) is one of the biggest chemical enterprises in Russia and Tatarstan. It produces more than 43% of the whole Russian polyethylene and is its biggest exporter.

The Kazanorgsintez OJSC's polyethylene pipe production has recently been automated. Specialists from the Centre company (city of Kazan) have developed and commissioned a control system for the polyethylene pipe production based on NEAT-460 controllers under the control of TRACE MODE Micro RTM, distributed ADAM (Advantech)  and  TRACE MODE 5 SCADA/HMI system modules (AdAstra Research Group, Ltd). 

The implementation of this control system based on TRACE MODE SCADA has enabled Kazanorgsintez OJSC to automate the record-keeping process for the products being manufactured and raw materials being used, monitor the polyethylene pipe production process, detect accidents and prevent them.


Teknofeed Uses TRACE MODE HMI in Fodder Additives Plant Batching Control

A Belgorod based AIT company (South of Russia) has successfully used TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software to develop and to implement a batch control system for manufacturing of fodder additives. The control system has been installed in facility of TeknoFeed (Tshebekino, Belgorod area, Russia).

The main task of the TeknoFeed control system consists in the most precise batch dosing of fodder additives. The control system maximizes batch dosing accuracy of loose and liquid components (acids) according recipes. 

The TeknoFeed batch control system includes ...

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI In Control of The Biogas Fuel Production Plant in Poland

The Test company (Poland) used the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software to build the control system for the plant of biogas fuel production from the sewerage - Elbląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Elblągu Sp. z o.o., situated in Elblag city in north-eastern Poland.

The Elblag city is a Polish leader in energy production from renewable sources, including biogas and biomass.

According to the developers of biofuel production systems, the use of SCADA TRACE MODE has reduced the overall cost of the project in two-three times (compared to the same level SCADA software). 

The system monitors the following values ...

The Brodsky Refinery (Bosnia) Implements TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI for EURO 5 Gasoline Production

Brod Refinery automated with TRACE MODE SCADA/HMIIn Bosnia, the Bosanski Brod refinery launched a second production line, which was repaired by the Russian company Zarubezhneft. Now the plant is able to produce the gasoline conforming to the Euro 5 standard.

The operator control systems for the gasoline production at the Bosanski Brod refinery were developped and implemented by several Russian system integrators. All integrators used Russian SCADA-software TRACE MODE 6 (AdAstra Research Group, Moscow) for process control of gasoline production.

New Brodsky refinery control system consists of the following parts ...

TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI In Control Of City Water Supply Utilities

The Iron–Technik company (Ust -Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan), an AdAstra authorized system integrator, has launched into commercial operation an automation system for municipal public utility named "Oskemen" (Ust -Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan ).

The new control system is build with TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software and embraces 14 plants of the "Oskemen water utility" enterprise, e.g...

Pakistan Students Study Industrial Automation Technologies with SCADA TRACE MODE

A new laboratory practice on Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) system development is launched for undergraduate students of Electrical Engineering at University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila (Punjab, Pakistan). University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila commonly referred to as UET Taxila is among the best engineering universities in Pakistan. The new practice is based on the TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI software.

The laboratory work was developed by  Director Technical, Creative Electronics & Automation in his MSc Research work under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Choudhry using the Omron's latest CJ1 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the Device-Net field bus and the latest version of TRACE MODE 6 SCADA/HMI software.

The author can share the experiments the files of SCADA as well as PLC and complete Experimentation & Training documentation. Please contact ...

TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI Controls Peat Product Production in Poland

peat production TRACE MODEThe Elblag city based Test company (Poland) launched a process control system for the production line of peat products at the „Rucianka” factory belonging to Hollas Sp. z o.o. company - the Poland's biggest peat products manufacturer.  

The new control system was developed using TRACE MODE software and Advantech ADAM IO modules. It has been implemented in FBD programming language, it includes...


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