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EAM - Enterprise Asset Management Development Tools

The EAM applications for asset management, maintenance and repairs automation at an industrial enterprise are developed in the appropriate T-Factory editor of the TRACE MODE® 6 Integrated development environment. Thus, the T-Factory EAM applications are fully integrated with enterprise process control systems, and are based on the real time data.

For this purpose, the T-FACTORY EAM offers:

  • filling in the asset record database;
  • elaborating the EAM services for preventive and predictive maintenance;
  • assigning maintenance priorities;
  • linking the maintenance services with real time data from TRACE MODE HMI and SOFTLOGIC;
  • automatically generate EAM orders for materials and works;
  • setting up the EAM document flow circulation rules with approval of stages by the personnel in charge;
  • performing network planning for maintenance works, for an unlimited period;
  • controlling the execution of works;
  • logging the EAM-statistics of operation, downtime, failures and maintenance of equipment;
  • accounting of the maintenance cost;
  • generating reports automatically, and calculate the indices, required for decision making.

The T-FACTORY 6 EAM allows to represent all enterprise assets (equipment) as an hierarchy of EAM-objects. For each  EAM-object of any hierarchical level, a record card is created, containing dozens of administrative, technical, and economical parameters for equipment. Any equipment record card of can be linked to the corporate DBMS (e.g. to the book-keeping system, for the purpose of automatic calculation of depreciation, or otherwise, for receiving reference information about the  spare parts, etc).

The record card contains the rules of maintenance - services. Activation of T-FACTORY 6 EAM services are performed when the following thresholds types are crossed:

  • date;
  • time interval;
  • period;
  • resource exhaustion;
  • event occurrence.

The system performs actions – execution of servicing. The services are easily programmable using the TRACE MODE programming facilities. The following kinds of services are available:

  • electronic work order;
  • electronic order for materials;
  • paper hardcopy of the work order;
  • paper hardcopy of the materials order;
  • a command to RTM or to controllers, about transfer of equipment into another mode of operation;
  • warning message to operator;
  • message to the MES;

etc. Any component of the TRACE MODE project can be called, and any program can be used for execution of services.  Flexibility and programming freedom makes the servicing powerful and flexible mechanism, applicable to all tasks.

The actions generated by the EAM-services can pass through the documents circulation and Gant T-Factory MES EAMoperational planning system (it is built-in into the EAM runtime modules of T-FACTORY 6). Planning in T-Factory EAM is priority driven. While planning, the authorised staff may:

  • correct the time for execution of works;
  • assign or replace executors;
  • cancel or approve the works.

The T-Factory servers register the stages of accomplishment of the EAM-servicing. Upon completion of the EAM works, time and cost statistics is calculated.

For each EAM objects, the T-FACTORY server would automatically calculate and save the statistics of technical maintenance and cost. Statistical data can automatically be "lifted up" through the EAM hierarchy. Parameters calculated for "descendant" would be automatically accounted for in the "parent" EAM object.

Thus, for example, in case if the vane mover of a pump requires repairs, then the T-FACTORY server issues a warning message and generate work order for maintenance of the entire pump. In addition, the server would add the cost of technical maintenance of the vane mover to all the higher level objects – to the chamber, to the pump 1-56, to the pump installation, and to the Main cooling system. The data about downtime would also be related to all these objects.

The T-FACTORY 6 EAM enables easy accounting and maintenance of production equipment, and helps the enterprise to shift from emergency driven to the planned preventive and even to the predictive maintenance practice. T-FACTORY 6 EAM offers information for investigations failures, improve logistics, enables planning of manpower, material, and energy resources. In addition, the T-FACTORY EAM allows to perform accounting of maintenance cost.

The enterprise using the T-FACTORY EAM, could extend the life of operation for the production equipment, cut the downtime caused by failures, control the maintenance costs and enhance the overall productivity. 


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