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T-Factory Server

T-Factory Server

T-Factory RTM+: MES/EAM/HRM Application Server

T-Factory MESReal time monitor T-FACTORY.exe® is the main server for manufacturing management automation applications, providing the following solutions:

In addition the T-Factory RTM+ includes all RTM+ (HMI applications) features and may be used in the integrated systems covering both business and process control automation. T-Factory RTM+ has the following features for real time MES, EAM and HRM applications:

MES features of T-Factory RTM+:

  • visualization in real time of material (inventory) and energy flows in the technology chains;
  • calculating material balances between any elements of technological chain;
  • calculating energy balances;
  • visualization of material and energy losses at any technological stage;
  • calculating the manufacturing cost in real time, at each technological stage;
  • generating production orders;
  • generating orders for materials and works orders on the base of production orders, automatically and forwarding the same to the executors;
  • setting up the MES document flow circulation rules with approval of stages by the personnel in charge;
  • performing network planning for production works;
  • controlling the execution of works;
  • controlling the quality using the process-oriented approach, complying with ISO 9000:2000 international standard;
  • revealing "bottlenecks" of the production – the reasons of growth of the manufacturing cost, wastage, losses, deviations from the terms of execution, etc.;
  • monitoring of compliance of time and cost of production orders execution with the planned targets;
  • logging the MES-statistics of operation, downtime, failures and maintenance of equipment.

EAM features of T-Factory RTM+:

  • filling in the asset record database;
  • assigning maintenance priorities;
  • linking the maintenance services with real time data from TRACE MODE HMI and SOFTLOGIC;
  • automatically generate EAM orders for materials and works;
  • setting up the EAM document flow circulation rules with approval of stages by the personnel in charge;
  • performing network planning for maintenance works, for an unlimited period;
  • controlling the execution of works;
  • logging the EAM-statistics of operation, downtime, failures and maintenance of equipment;
  • accounting of the maintenance cost;

HRM features of T-Factory RTM+:

  • account for executed works;
  • account for quality of executed works;
  • transmit the information about execution of works to external applications for calculation of pay and bonuses;
  • perform network planning of the works;
  • perform work management - supervision of the execution of works;
  • save statistics of work execution and downtime of the personnel;
  • account for the labor cost;

SCADA/HMI features of T-Factory RTM+:

  • data acquisition from I/O devices via built-in and user TRACE MODE drivers, DDE and OPC;
  • primary data processing - filtration, scaling, boundaries control, dead band etc.;
  • process control with the IEC 6-1131/3 standard programs;
  • HMI visualisation of information on screens and trends;
  • alarming;
  • HMI-information provision through TCP/IP network to TRACE MODE clients and servers;
  • real time data storage to industrial RT DBMS SIAD/SQL 6 with record speed;
  • statistical processing of data archived in the SIAD/SQL 6 RT DBMS and calculation of statistical parameters;
  • connecting to external databases via ODBC interface and execution of SQL-queries in real time;
  • processing, according to user algorithms, and visualization of data archived in SIAD/SQL 6 and of the information received from external DBMS.

The T-FACTORY RTM+ includes the real time DBMS SIAD/SQL 6 server, enabling fast data saving, real time statistical processing and interaction with the common relational databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MS Access, Sybase, Informix etc) through ODBC.

The T-FACTORY RTM+ supports data exchange with T-Factory NetLink Light clients, witch can be used for additional workplaces automation.

License policy: T-Factory RTM+ 6 is licensed for 1 PC with different number of channels. Versions of T-Factory RTM+ are available for 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 32000, 64000 channels.

T-Factory NetLink Light Graphic Client


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