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Main Advantages for The PLC User

Advantages of AdAstrA OEM-products for control hardware buyers

A software and hardware complex developed under an OEM-project with AdAstrA Research Group has a number of significant advantages for the end user:

  • an OEM-product is a convenient solution including all software and hardware tools being necessary for the use in work;
  • the user will get a finished and tested software and hardware product rather than a set of components;
  • metrological and safety certificates can be obtained for software and hardware;
  • integrated software of OEM-projects allows reducing the control system time-to-market several times;
  • the buyer will get technical support for hardware and software in one place;
  • software for the amount exceeding $1000 will be supplied along with the controller;
  • a more beneficial price (the price of a controller with a TRACE MODE OEM-version will grow insignificantly);
  • the software has been proven in dozens of thousands installations;
  • it is easy to find a system integrator for implementing a project on the “turn key” basis.

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 OEM-project advantages for hardware manufacturer

What is OEM-project with AdAstrA® Research Group?

How to start an OEM-project with AdAstrA® Research Group?


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