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For Sales Firms
For Sales Firms

AdAstrA’s Authorized Distributor

TRACE MODE SCADA distributorAdAstrA’s Authorized distributor is a sales-oriented company with its own national dealer network, dealing with the distribution, technical support and customer training for TRACE MODE®, T-FACTORY.exe™ software.

The status of AdAstrA’s Authorized distributor will provide your company with a number of significant benefits as follows:

  • completing your product line

The availability of good software makes the distributor’s product line complete and the offer comprehensive. Your buyer will not go to your competitor in order to buy a program.

  • quality software ensures loyalty to the supplier

Correctly chosen software in the trade company’s product portfolio will contribute to increasing sales over the whole product line being compatible with it. The customer seldom determines to change a program, which is has accustomed to. TRACE MODE® is a good selling software with built-in drivers for over 2812 PLC’s and I/O devices. TRACE MODE® will allow to present your product line, in a new manner and provide a solid foundation for your future sales.

  • huge discounts on software products

An Authorized distributor is entitled to up to 50% discounts on software. The flexible system for enhancing the partner status will allow increasing  permanently your discount.

  • marketing support

AdAstrA® Research Group, Ltd provides support for Authorized distributors in software promotion. The marketing support includes both direct financing of partner marketing and the participation of partner in major advertising and PR campaigns being conducted by AdAstrA® Research Group, Ltd.

  • getting orders on the corporate market easier

Often the software is a key to the selection of equipment for the whole automation project. After the project has been implemented, the customer will deal mostly with the control system software (interface). TRACE MODE® is a quality and highly reliable software product by the market leader. The availability of TRACE MODE® in the company’s product portfolio is the guarantee of success on the market of integrated supplies for control and manufacturing automation systems.

  • new horizons

TRACE MODE 6 is the first integrated system combining all production management levels: SOFTLOGIC-SCADA/HMI-MES-EAM-HRM. For the first time, products for process control and for manufacturing automation systems are combined in one software package. Having selected TRACE MODE as the basis for your activity, you will be able to offer to your customer a more integrated and scalable solution than your competitors. It will provide larger orders and ensure faster company’s growth.

  • permanent growth of the partner status

The flexible system for enhancing the partner status will allow continuously increasing the discounts and bonuses to be provided to partners.

Contact us to join the family of AdAstrA Authorized distributors! We will be happy to answer all your questions and/or arrange a meeting in order to discuss the details of our cooperation.

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Current TRACE MODE release 6.10.2. Upgrade now for free!