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For Universities
For Universities

TRACE MODE And T-FACTORY Authorized Training Center

AdAstrA® Authorized Training Center is an educational organization carrying out training in the most advanced production management technologies based on TRACE MODE®, T-FACTORY.exe™ software strictly according to methods by AdAstrA® Research Group.

TRACE MODE® and T-Factory Authorized Training Centers can be situated in various cities and countries. But wherever they are located, Authorized Training Centers shall perform training of our customers with the same quality. The courses are conducted by Certified instructors, with the latest software versions and with the use of AdAstrA’s educational materials.

Authorized training centers can be arranged as a complement to the main business and as an independent structure. Every year hundreds of control specialists from Russia and from all over the world pass training in such training centers.

TRACE MODE® and T-Factory Authorized training centers enjoy the following:

  • a well-known software trademark and the reputation of the leader-company;
  • a complete set of software, with continuous upgrading;
  • educational materials for trainings;
  • educational hand-outs for trainees.

TRACE MODE and T-Factory Authorized training centers allow to do the following:

  • increase the main business profitability or start a new business, not having a large starting capital;
  • permanently meet new industrial enterprises implementing automation projects;
  • influence on the selection of hardware for control and manufacturing automation projects being developed.

Having selected TRACE MODE® as the basis for your activity, you will guarantee a steady and dynamic growth of your business.

Contact us to open an AdAstrA Authorized Training Center! We will be happy to answer all your questions and/or arrange a meeting in order to discuss the details of our cooperation.

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