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Main Advantages for Manufacturer

Advantages of an OEM-project with AdAstrA Research Group for controller manufacturers

Development of a hardware and software complex under OEM-project with AdAstrA Research Group  will empower the hardware manufacturer or distributor with considerable advantages as follows:

  • the consumer value of an OEM-product for the user will rise;
  • the customer will buy everything at one place, which reduces the possibility of its going out to competitors;
  • no expenses on development, maintenance and creation of the own software;
  • additional income from the sales of HMI and MES programs;
  • the price advantage (the software is supplied at a reduced price);
  • the system integrator network will be widened (numerous AdAstrA Research Group system integrators will be able to work with an OEM-product without any training or after a minimal training);
  • an OEM-product can be used in bigger projects due to a more integrated solution;
  • additional income from system integration;
  • AdAstrA Research Group’s marketing support;
  • the TRACE MODE trademark allows selling hardware more easy.

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OEM-project advantages for hardware buyer

What is OEM-project with AdAstrA® Research Group?

How to start an OEM-project with AdAstrA® Research Group?


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